News: EU rules for HGV/LGV operators

Keeping our commercial vehicles moving. Get ahead of new rules for operating in the EU.

HGV and LGV operators need to prepare for new rules for transporting goods to or through Europe from 2022.

The rules are part of the UK’s deal with the EU (The Trade and Cooperation Agreement).

The new rules will affect you if you transport goods for “hire and reward” using:

  • vans of any size or other light goods vehicles (sometimes called ‘light commercial vehicles’)
  • vans towing trailers
  • cars towing trailers
  • HGVs
  • HGVs towing trailers

From 2 February 2022, You will need to register your journey online if you transport goods for hire and reward between two points in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. This means that you load goods at one point and unload them at another point in any of those countries.

Drivers are sometimes called ‘posted workers’ if they’re working on a journey like this.

This includes:

  • cabotage jobs
  • cross-trade jobs
  • moving goods for your own business’ use

Cabotage is loading goods in one of these countries and unloading them at a different place in the same country, using a vehicle registered in the UK.

Cross-trade is loading goods in one of these countries and unloading them in different one of these countries, using a vehicle registered in the UK.

You must also register journeys where you move goods for your own business’ use between these countries. This includes if your business is not mainly about moving goods.

If you’re a Northern Ireland vehicle operator you will need to register journeys within Ireland if they’re covered by the rules.

You will not need to register the journey online if it’s:

  • using a vehicle not carrying goods
  • from the UK to one place in Europe, where you can both unload and load goods
  • from the UK to Europe, and you unload goods at more than one place in Europe (but you cannot load goods in Europe)
  • from Europe to the UK, and you load goods at more than one place in Europe (but you cannot unload goods in Europe)
  • from the UK to a non-European country (but you cannot load or unload the goods while you’re in Europe)

From 21 May 2022, operators of light goods vehicles weighing more than 2.5t alone, or when used with a trailer will need to hold a standard international goods vehicle operator licence to transport goods in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

If you break these rules, you risk fines and other enforcement measures in the EU.

Check for details and register for email alerts. 

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