News: Low loader operation – new video on YouTube

Low loader operation - detaching the neck on a Broshuis tandem axle

Want to know more about low loader operation? We have recently uploaded a new video to our YouTube Channel. It shows the basic process of removing the neck on a Broshuis tandem axle low loader. This video is the first in a series of instructional and training videos that cover some of the regular operations on our fleet of specialist trailers.

Video showing the low loader operation of detaching the neck on a tandem axle Broshuis.

The basic operation shown in the video is as follows:

  • Engine running
  • Remove the two blocks and hang on the hooks provided
  • Lower the bed to the floor
  • Depressurise the system
  • Disconnect the hydraulic and electrical connections
  • Lower the stingers
  • Raise suspension on the tractor unit if required
  • Pull away

Should you not be totally familiar with all the features of the low-loader you want to rent or to buy, we can help. A quick demonstration, before you leave the yard, can always be arranged. Just get in touch.

In fact, if you have questions about the operation of any of the specialist low loader, extendable or platform trailers on our fleet do not hesitate to contact our trailer department. +441302710711 option 2.

For technical or operational questions ask for our fleet engineer Harry Young or either Graeme Hargreaves or Craig Holdsworth (the reluctantish star of this particular video) in the trailers department.

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