Extendable Trailer

Extendable Broshuis HGV Semi Trailer Step Frame Low Loader

An Extendable Trailer can also be known as an extendable straight frame or trombone. Low loader, step or drop frame, urban or short and flat or platform trailers can also be extendable.

An Extendable Trailer is versatile and suitable for a variety of long loads. ‘Extenders’ as they are sometime known can be single, double or even triple extending. A basic single extending flat trailer can go from 13.6m to 21m. A double extending step frame semi low loader can go from 9.1m (in the bed/lower deck) to 22m when fully extended. A triple extending flat/platform can extend from 13.2m to a staggering 53m.

We have a variety of extenders on our fleet from manufacturers including Broshuis, Nooteboom, Montracon, Dennison, Doll and SDC.

Extendable Trailer

Specialist Low Loader Trailer Hire & Sales

We buy, sell and rent extendable and non-extending flatlow loader, step frame and urban trailers plus plant, machinery, tractor, wing and truss carriers. The majority of the 600 plus modern trailers on our fleet are made by Broshuis, Dennison, Montracon, and SDC. We also offer repairs, re-furbishmentHGV / LGV / PCV testingsparesservice, test preparation, tachograph calibration and brake analysis. These services are suitable for most trucks, trailers, buses, tractor units, lorries and PSV's.