Platforms/Flats 3 Axle (13.6m)



13.6m Tri Axle

We stock 13.6m Tri Axle platform / flat trailers from Montracon, Dennison, SDC, Weighlifter and Corus.

The trailers are available with twistlocks, posts and sockets, both, or neither.

  • 44 tonne specification. No special types.
  • 13.6m (45′ feet) length.
  • 1.5m (5′ feet) deck height.
  • 1.6m pin.
  • Keruwing hard wood timber deck floor.
  • 385 65 R 22.5 tyres in single formation.
  • Rope hooks and/or lashing (ferry) rings.
  • Timber carriers available with tall posts.

Headboards are usually 1m high, though some stand at 1.5m high. Some of these trailers have removable headboards.

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