Trailers for Sale

HGV Trailers for Sale in the UK. Every one of the 600 plus HGV specialised trailers on our hire fleet is for sale.

For more details of our current stock, please call the Sales team on: +44 1302 710711.

Extending Plant Trailer 2019 Montracon – For Sale
2019 Montracon single extending plant trailer for sale  BPW axles Two self tracking Air suspension Single extending  Hydraulic rear ramps
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Single extending low loader, Doll 3 axle 300mm deck – For Sale
In stock at our Bawtry yard and now for sale is this 2009 Doll 300mm single extending low loader. Great
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Broshuis Extendible Machinery Carrier, 4 Axle – For Sale
Broshuis Extendible Machinery Carrier. We have a brand new 2019 Broshuis 4 axle extending (extendable) HGV semi low loader plant
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Faymonville tandem axle low loader trailer – SOLD
Tandem axle low loader. We have a 2016 Faymonville tandem (two) axle HGV trailer in stock at our Bawtry yard
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Double Extendible Low Loader Broshuis 2013 SL – SOLD
We have a Broshuis 2013 Double Extendible SL Semi Low Loader HGV trailer with power steering and a host of
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Photo of a Broshuis 4 Axle SL Double Extending Stepframe HGV Semi Low Loader Trailer
Broshuis 4 Axle SL Double Extending Stepframe – For Sale
2019 Broshuis 4 axle SL Double Extending stepframe for sale. In stock here at Bawtry and ready to go to
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To show a Broshuis trailer we have for sale.
Broshuis Machinery / Plant Carrier Trailer – For Sale
Broshuis Machinery / Plant Carrier Trailer. We have a 2019 Broshuis Semi Low Loader HGV Trailer with double flip hydraulic
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Broshuis 5 axle extender
Broshuis 5 axle extender (triple) stepframe – For sale
Broshuis 5 axle extender. We have a 2016 power steered triple extending step frame semi low loader HGV trailer for
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2019 Broshuis 3 Axle Low Loader Knockout Neck – For Sale
Low Loader tri-axle for sale. Brand new 2019 Broshuis 3 axle low loader extendable trailer. Three steering axles, work lights
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Image of a triple extendable platform trailer
Triple Extendible Platform Trailer Broshuis 3 Axle – For Sale
Triple Extendible Platform Trailer for sale. She’s a Broshuis 2017 3 axle triple extendable fully power steered platform trailer that
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Shows the various features of this Broshuis Extender Trailer
New Broshuis 4 axle extending plant trailer – SOLD
2019 Broshuis STGO four axle extendable (extendible) plant trailer with double flip hydraulic rear ramps. New in stock. 2550mm “Standard
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4 Axle SL Extendible (Double) 2016 Broshuis Semi Low Loader – SOLD!
We have a 4 Axle SL extendible (double extendable!) 2016 Broshuis power steered trailer for sale from our yard here
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New SDC Short Stepframe Truss Carrier – For Sale
New SDC Stepframe Tandem (2 Axle) roof truss trailer available. 8585 in length with a 450 pin depth Bpw drum
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New Montracon Urban Extenders Available
New Montracon urban extenders Available now. Extend from 10060 – 14160 and have 3 lockable positions Twistlocks to suit 1×20/1×30′
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2011 Nooteboom Plant Trailer
Due in very shortly…… 2011 Nooteboom Plant Trailer, Tri axle on air suspension. For full specification and photos on arrival
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HGV Trailers for Sale in the UK.

Every one of the 600 plus trailers on our fleet is for sale at our Bawtry Yard. You can choose to hire or buy outright. We also buy and rent (short or long term) HGV semi low loader extendable and non-extending step frame, plant trailers, tractor, wing and truss carriers specialist trailers. As well as these single, double or triple extendible trailers (known also as trombone, teletrailers, multitrailers or just extenders) we also have a large number flatbed (flat, platform trailers), urban and curtain siders. The HGV Trailers for sale on our fleet often have multiple self steering axles, hydraulic double flip ramps, beaver tails, wafer decks, override steering, detachable necks or SL technology. The fleet is comprised of trailers by Broshuis, Doll, Montracon, Faymonville, Nooteboom, SDC and others.

Here in the UK at our Bawtry, South Yorkshire, yard we offer repairs, re-furbishment, HGV VOSA testing, breakdown assistance, spares, service, test preparation, tachograph calibration and brake analysis for trucks, trailers, buses, tractor units, lorries and other PSV’s.

John Hudson Trailers Ltd is a family company who has been working in the HGV transport industry since the 1950’s.

Shows large fleet of semi low loader extendable HGV trailers
The yard at John Hudson Trailers Ltd in Bawtry, UK.
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