Broshuis 2014 Tandem 300mm Low Loader HGV Trailer

Broshuis 2014 Tandem Axle Low Loader HGV Trailer 300mm ‘Wafer Deck’. In the yard now, come and have a look round. It’s always sunny in Bawtry.

  • Over width marker boards and boom trough
  • 13.4m total length, 6.6m bed length, 12.2m bed length extended
  • 300mm bed running height, 850mm bogie running height
  • Removable neck
  • 10 ton lashing points
  • Broshuis independent hydraulic special types axles
  • Fully hydraulic power steering with remote override
  • Outriggers
  • Container lock positions
  • Head board toolbox

For further specifications please contact Jerome on 07722148064 or

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