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flat bed trailer 3 axle 13.6m

Platform or Flat Trailer

Platform or Flat Trailers are the backbone of the general haulage industry embodying rugged reliability and versatile functionality.

curtainsider trailer

Curtainsider Trailer

A Curtainsider or Tautliner trailer is a term used for a trailer, usually a flat decked trailer, with a rigid frame above the deck with a solid roof and rear doors, and removable curtain sides secured by straps.

Urban flat trailer 3 axle 10.6m rear steer

Urban or Short Trailer

Urban or short trailers are an HGV semi-trailer that has been developed to allow hauliers and operators access to city centres and suburban where space is limited, and a normal platform/flat trailer would not fit.

low loader trailer 2 axle 6.6m - 12.2m

Low Loader Trailer

The Low Loader Trailer has become a generic phrase in the heavy goods vehicle industry to describe a whole variety of low deck trailers.

step extender trailer 3 axle .80m

Step or Drop Frame Trailer

Step Frame trailers are engineered to overcome the challenges of transporting tall and bulky cargo including prefabricated structure and modular components.

extender trailer 3 axle 13-20m

Extendable Trailer

An Extendable Trailer is versatile and suitable for a variety of long loads. ‘Extenders’ as they are sometime known can be single, double, or even triple extending.

plant with a ramp trailer 3 axle

Plant Carrier Trailer

Plant carriers feature a flatbed deck with integrated ramps or loading platforms ensuring easy access for excavators, tractors, and bulldozers.

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