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curtainsider trailer


Curtainsider trailers provide the ultimate flexibility when loading from the side and rear with the option of pillared and pillarless bodies, heights vary from around 3.8 up to 4.976. Various deck variations are available from double decks, lifting decks through to swivel decks. Roof options include sliding, security, translucent and alloy. The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to loading and contract specifications.

flat bed trailer 3 axle 13.6m

Flat Bed

The Flat Bed Trailer is referred to as the “workhorse” in the industry and is regularly used for the road transport and storage of steel, prefabricated concrete, and timber building sections. A standard platform trailer is one of the most durable and robust trailers in our portfolio. It is a flatbed chassis that has been fitted with high tensile steel to maintain minimal weight but maximise strength.

step trailer

Step Trailer

Step Frame Platform is designed with a lower bed height ensuring it can transport high loads. The lower bed length also reduces the centre of gravity, therefore, increasing stability. For European operations where there are height restrictions, the step frame platform is ideal to transport the load and meet height restrictions.

Urban flat trailer 3 axle 10.6m rear steer

Urban Flat

The Urban platform trailer is compact in design to allow greater maneuverability in compact spaces such as building yards and housing estates. Having the ability to be steered in both forward and reverse means maximum flexibility in proximity where needed. They are also ideal for countryside and inner city work they follow the unit in a tight line.

step extender trailer 3 axle .80m

Step Extender

Step Extender low loader trailers are renowned for their low unladen weight and are the ideal trailer for the transportation of heavy plant, equipment, and machinery. The trailer is a multi-functional platform trailer with the ability to work as a standard flat or extended to carry long loads.

step extender trailer 3 axle double .85m

Step Extender Hyd-Str

A hydraulically steered semi low loader is a trailer where the truck lets the trailer steer. The trailer is then equipped with a hydraulic steering system, meaning that the trailer steers directly with the truck, even when reversing.

extender trailer 3 axle 13-20m


The Urban Extender trailer is the perfect solution if needing a multi-functional platform trailer able to work as a standard flat and or a short urban giving the operator full flexibility. They are the ultimate crossover trailer between platform and urban.

extender trailer single 3 axle 13-20m

Extender Hyd-Str

Broshuis flat trailers 3 to 5 axles and all hydraulic suspension. These trailers are the strongest of their kind. We also have lightweight flats with or without steering.

Plant With Ramp

Plant with a Ramp is a name for a trailer with a main deck which is lower than the height of the tractor’s fifth wheel height. Ideal for moving a wide range of loads ranging from tractor units and excavators, through to JCB’s, road planning equipment, crushers, access equipment, forklifts, military equipment, and vehicles.

low loader trailer 2 axle 6.6m - 12.2m

Low Loader

Low loader, or low loader trailer is a name used for trailers with a main deck height lower than the height of the trailer’s rear wheels. The deck of a low loader trailer has two steps in it: one from the upper deck above the tractor unit’s fifth wheel, and one from the rear deck above the trailer’s wheels. The lower decks of our three axle low loaders stand at 420mm and are good for up to a 50-tonne payload. Two axle low loaders stand at 300mm are good for 22-tonne payload.

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