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We use the term low loaders to describe the lowest possible trailers on our fleet that run only inches from the ground. These trailers have detachable necks (also known as removable necks) to let loads or heavy plant drive on at the lowest possible height. Low loaders also allow tall loads to be transported closer to the ground providing extra bridge clearance than other trailers.

Low loader (or lowloader) trailer is a name used for trailers with a main deck height lower than the height of the trailer’s rear wheels.

The lower decks of our three axle low loaders stand at 420mm and are good for up to a 50-tonne payload. We also run several two axle trailers whose lower deck stand at just 300mm and are good for a max 25 tonne payload. Low loaders tend to be built with twin beams and removable floor sections, to enable loads to sit between the beams.

Where the burden of a low loader trailer can be craned onto the trailer no practical problem is presented by the higher deck section over the rear wheels of the trailer. However, self-propelled machines cannot be driven onto the trailer, as they could be onto a flat or step frame trailer, using ramps. To overcome this problem, some low loader trailers are built with a detachable neck. The upper deck and neck of the low loader trailer can be unpinned and disconnected from the body of the trailer, driven away on the fifth wheel of the tractor unit. Self-propelled machines, such as road graders, combine harvesters, or cranes, can then be driven directly onto the lower deck of the low loader trailer.

low loader hgv trailer

Out of the total fleet of over 1000 HGV trailers we have over 200 low-loader trailers available to hire. The same trailer is  also available to buy – should the haulier, transport company or owner-driver decide it would be more cost effective to own it.

Low loaders/wafer decks on our fleet we have a variety of detachable neck low loaders and have 2 and 3 Axle extending low loaders built to specification by Broshuis.

Specification includes:

  • Full override hydraulic steering.
  • Extendable bed with deck height from 420mm.
  • Adjustable ride height lift and lower facility.

Options include:

  • Detachable neck
  • Extra 4m beams
  • Single or twin beam
  • Outriggers
  • Over-width marker boards
  • Sidemarkers
  • Toolbox on upper deck
low loader hgv trailer

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Specialist Low Loader Trailer Hire & Sales

We buy, sell, and rent extendable and non-extending flatlow loaderstep frame and urban trailers plus plant, machinery, tractor, wing, and truss carriers. The majority of the 1000 plus modern trailers on our fleet are made by BroshuisDennisonMontracon, and SDC. We also offer repairsre-furbishmentHGV / LGV / PCV testingsparesservice, test preparation, tachograph calibration and brake analysis. These services are suitable for most trucks, trailers, buses, tractor units, lorries, and PSVs.

low loader hgv trailer

Manufacturers represented on our fleet

Most of the ‘proper’ removable neck low loaders on our hire and rental fleet are manufactured by Broshuis. The high quality of their manufacturing, technical innovation and ease of use makes Broshuis low loaders a perfect choice for us. We have worked with Broshuis for many, many years now and in that time gained much experience in the operation, service, and repair of their trailers.

low loader hgv trailer