2022 Dennison Tri-axle PSK Platform, this platform comes with a BPW Tri-axle on drum brakes, 16 twistlocks that are set from the rear, and 6 pairs of posts and sockets that are designed to fit a post rack. The posts are 1500mm in length on the offside rave and have strap loops, making them both durable and reliable. Additionally, there is a mesh basket located behind the side guard, providing an added level of convenience. The BPW axles come equipped with drum brakes and there is also a 1500mm high XL rated headboard included. With this PSK Platform, you can be confident that you are getting a top-of-the-line product that will meet all of your needs. Please note that there are other PSK models available as well.

  • 16 off Twistlocks
  • 1500 XL Headboard
  • 1500 post lengths
  • 12 off sockets
  • BPW axles on drum brakes
  • Mesh rack and Post rack