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A Broshuis SL 2 Low Loader for hire from John Hudson Trailers.  Features independent suspension and an SL bogie that is lower than beam axles or pendular axles.
A Broshuis SL 2 Low-Loader.  Features independent suspension and an SL bogie that is lower than beam axles or pendular axles. 

Low loader hire: A key part of our business

Out of the total fleet of over 600 HGV trailers, we have over a hundred low-loader trailers available to hire. The low loader hire fleet is based at our Bawtry yard in South Yorkshire, near the borders of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire in the UK. Our customers come from all over the UK and Europe and can hire short term, just one day if that is all that is necessary, or rent them long term. The same trailer is often available to buy – should the haulier, transport company or owner-driver decide it would be more cost effective to own it.

Low loader hire: Trailer definitions

‘Low Loader’ has become a generic phrase in the heavy goods vehicle industry to describe a whole variety of low deck trailers. A low loader trailer is also referred to as semi low-loader, step frame, plant trailer or machinery carrier. The stepped down deck and smaller wheels on these type of trailers provides a lower deck than a standard flat/platform trailer. This gives the option to drive vehicles directly onto the deck via attached hydraulic or detachable ramps. Standard flat/platform trailers have to be loaded via a loading platform or forklift or crane. These trailers are often called ‘low loaders’ as they are lower than the trailers a particular operator usually uses. But they are not the lowest. Oh no.

A Brosuis 7 axle extendible low loader at our Bawtry Yard.

We use the term to describe the lowest possible trailers on our fleet that run only inches from the ground. These trailers have detachable necks (also know as removable necks) in order to let loads or heavy plant drive on at the lowest possible height. Low loaders also allow tall loads to be transported closer to the ground providing extra bridge clearance than other trailers.

Low loader (or lowloader) trailer is a name used for trailers with a main deck height lower than the height of the trailer’s rear wheels. The deck of a low loader trailer has two steps in it: one from the upper deck above the tractor unit’s fifth wheel, and one from the rear deck above the trailer’s wheels.

The lower decks of our three axle low loaders stand at 420mm and are good for up to a 50 tonne payload.

We also run a number of Broshuis two axle trailers whose lower deck stand at just 300mm and have SL hydraulic suspension.

Low loader hire: Technical info

Low loaders tend to be built with twin beams and removable floor sections, to enable loads to sit between the beams. Where the burden of a low loader trailer can be craned onto the trailer no practical problem is presented by the higher deck section over the rear wheels of the trailer. However, self-propelled machines cannot be driven onto the trailer, as they could be onto a flat or step frame trailer, using ramps. To overcome this problem, some low loader trailers are built with a detachable neck. The upper deck and neck of the low loader trailer can be unpinned and disconnected from the body of the trailer, driven away on the fifth wheel of the tractor unit. Self-propelled machines, such as road graders, combine harvesters, or cranes, can then be driven directly onto the lower deck of the low loader trailer. A low loader trailer may or may not have the ability to extend in length.

Detachable neck low loaders

Low loader hire : A Broshuis 3 Axle with removable neck.

On our fleet we have a variety of detachable neck low loaders and also have 2 and 3 Axle (7.5-13m) extending low loaders built to specification by Broshuis.

  • Full override hydraulic steering.
  • Extendable bed with deck height from 420mm.
  • Adjustable ride height lift and lower facility.
  • Options include:
  • Detachable neck
  • Extra 4m beams
  • Single or twin beam
  • Outriggers
  • Sidemarkers
  • Toolbox on upper deck

Low loader hire: Examples on our current fleet

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Photograph of a Low Ride Step Extender LGV/HGV trailer that we have for sale.
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Photo of a New Broshuis Step Frame trailer.
New Broshuis Step Frame Extender. A 2023, 3 axle Low Ride low-loader right here in the yard at Bawtry and Read more
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Photo of a HGV Step Frame Extender trailer.
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Photo of a blue Broshuis LGV plant trailer.
LGV plant trailer for sale her in the yard at Bawtry. This is a brand new Broshuis 3 axle STGO Read more

Low loader hire: Manufacturers represented on our fleet

The majority of the ‘proper’ removable neck low loaders on our hire and rental fleet are manufactured by Broshuis. The high quality of their manufacturing, technical innovation and ease of use make Broshuis low loaders a perfect choice for us. We have worked with Broshuis for many, many years now and in that time gained much experience in the operation, service and repair of their trailers. We also rent out (and sell, service, repair, refurbish and test….) low-loaders from Doll, Faymonville and Nooteboom. These companies also make plant and machinery carrier (semi low loader) HGV trailers along with Dennison, SDC and Montracon. Examples from of all these manufacturers of low loaders are represented on our expanding hire fleet.

Low-loader history:

From our archive of photos, couple of early designs of low loader trailer. If you can identify them please feel free to comment at the bottom of the page.

Low loader hire: The process of renting

For new customers the process of renting low loader and other HGV trailers from us is as follows:

  1. Fill in an account application and direct debit mandate. Phone or email us and we will send you them.
  2. We will run a credit check and then set you up with an account. This is usually done as soon as we receive your documents and should allow you to start hiring trailers from us on that same day.
  3. Decide on the correct specification of trailer for your proposed load. Our fleet engineer and sales people can help you with this if required.
  4. Check the availability of the trailer for the dates of your job. All days of the week are chargeable for hire. Our hire rates are short (1-7 days), medium (8-28 days) and long (over 28 days).
  5. You will be invoiced on the monday following the date the trailer is returned. At the end of the calendar month you will receive a statement and payment then taken via Direct Debit on the 18th of the following month.
  6. The hire rate includes service, inspection, M.O.T, fair wear and tear (inc tyres).

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  1. Hi Mike

    We can certainly help you with that. You looking for a step frame with ramps or a full detachable neck?

  2. Hello
    We are looking for a long term hire of a low loader. Would someone please contact me so we can start discussions.

    Thank You

  3. Hi Ian

    Sure we can help you with long term low loader hire. Someone from the trailer hire department will be in touch today.


  4. Hi Warren. We have plenty of tri axle low loaders with winches and ramps. Someone from the hire department will be it touch.

  5. hi, looking for a specific trailer 3 axle broshuis extender with eco ramp to purchase,
    many thanks victor at c jenkin and son

  6. Hi. Thanks for your enquiry. We have lots of Broshuis Low loader Extenders so sure we can help you with that. Will get one of our sales team to contact you now. Cheers. James.

  7. Got plenty of low loaders to hire, step-frames, plant carriers and detachable neck ‘real’ trailers. Someone will be in touch soon. Thanks for your enquiry.

  8. Require to hire a low loader trailer to carry two tracked vehicles weighing 14-15 tonnes each from Holland to Leicester

  9. Hi Chris. Our Broshuis three axle fixed bed plant trailers would be suitable for transporting 14-15 ton vehicles with tracks. Prices are from £130 + VAT per day or £595 + VAT per week.

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